1. To consider every human being as a precious one created in the image of God and sent into this world to fulfil His purpose.
  2. a) To present Jesus Christ as the true and living God Almighty and to demonstrate His claim on every individual.
    b) To liberate the sin-dominated, sorrow-laden and peace-longing society from sin, sickness and suffering by the power of the Gospel of Christ and by the power of the Cross, the source of Salvation.
  3. To produce daring and dynamic disciples of Jesus who would proclaim the Gospel of Christ in every nook and corner and to every people group of our motherland, India.
  4. a) To do the holistic ministry of catering to the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social needs of every individual without discrimination of caste, creed or colour.
    b) To cater to the intellectual, physical and emotional needs of our fellow-countrymen by effectively running educatinal institutions like Schools and Colleges, Hospitals, Orphanages, Counselling centres, Old-age Homes and Child-care Centres in needy places.
  5. To consider all human beings as brothers and sisters and promote peace, unity and understanding among them.
  6. To cherish and value inter-religious dialogues with our brothers and sisters of other faiths with an open mind and a spirit of respect and understanding.
  7. To preach everywhere the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the essence of which is love and sacrifice and
    to strengthen the existing churches and to establish new churches professing, practicing and propagating the principles of the Holy Bible with congregations filled with parity, unity and peace.
  8. To identify oppression and suppression in any form in any corner and to oppose it stout-heartedly until it ceases and those affected are redeemed.
  9. To care specially for the depraved, down-trodden and underprivileged classes, the Dalits and the Tribals and to uptight them with the power of the Gospel and equip them with spiritual awareness, intellectual insight and liberated thinking.
  10. To identify, condemn and redress all forms of violence that deprives the essence of humanity like infanticide, child labour, sexual discrimination racial prejudice, casteism, blood-shed, etc.

    Vision 2010 of Tirunelveli Diocese:

    1. Changing Society
      a) Through the Church, Christian young people and pastors should be educated regarding Christin distinctiveness and worldview.b) The Church should emphasize by teaching and practice, the responsibility and role of the Church and Christians in the society and world.c) The Church should recognize the need to respond to, be relevant to and interact with changing social situations (eg. ethnic conflicts).

      d) Christian leaders and teachers should get Christians involved in tackling structural evils by gathering inter-denominational forums where awareness is raised and issues are discussed. Leaders and government officials, etc.
      should be invited to give their perspective.

      e) The Church should encourage Christians to embrace active political participation and leadership.


    1. Communalism
      a) The Church should promote constructive dialogue and interaction with different religious groups on social and religious issues.b) The Church should conduct seminars / worshops on communal harmony for the laity.c) Christians should be trained to conscientize the society/their neighbours for communal harmony by making full use of the media, i.e. writing articles in the newspapers, producing skits, films, etc.

      d) In communally senstive areas, special care should be taken in the choice of evangelistic methods. Aggressive and offensive methods of evangelism should not be used.


  1. Evagelization and Church-Planting
    a) National networks and co-ordinating bodies should work together in common national programmes to avoid confusion and competition between missions / Churches and to avoid duplication.b) Consultations and seminars should be conducted for mainline Churches on Church-planting to create awareness and educate the participants for involvement in Church-lanting.c) Emphasis should be given to training people for Church-planting ministry and also to encouraging resource persons for the Church-planters.