Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

In the beginning the believers of this area had a shed at their arms when a bandit called Vadivelu was converted to Christianity. They purchased a land and constructed a small church in the year 1835. Rev. Rhenius dedicated the church. The church was extended in the year 1849. Recently the church was extended and dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Jayapaul David.

The congregations in the Pastorate are:

  • St. Peter’s Church, Utthumalai
  • St. Michael’s Church, Solaichery
  • St. Mathew Church, Karuvantha
  • Holy Trinity Church, Veeranam
  • St. Luke’s Church, Keelakidarakulam
  • Holy Trinity Church, Kurinchanpatti
  • St. Pauls Church, Melakalangal
  • Christ the King Church, Keelakalangal
  • Christ Church, RNK Puram
  • St. Paul’s Church, Periasamiyarpuram
  • Holy Trinity Church, Puthukiramam
  • Pattadaikatti
  • St. Thomas Church, Rukkumaniamalpuram

Important Festivals in the Pastorate

CongregationDedication Day
Utthumalai25 January
Karuvantha21 September
Keelakidarakulam15 October
Keelakalangal1 March
RNK Puram5 October

At Uthumalai, every year Asanam (a feast to all in the name of Christ) is held on Good Friday. Public prayer meetings are held in the lent days . Every month all- night prayer and fasting prayers are held.

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