Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

The Ukkirankottai Pastorate History starts with one Mr. Rayappan who came from Tanjore with Gospel of Christ. Mr. Arulappan and Mr. David also accompanied Mr. Rayappan. These three were natives of Ukkirankottai, who went to Tanjore. Rev. Antony James, a native of Ukkirankottai, was the first ordained minister who was insturmental in building the headquarters church (Holy Trinity Church) and dedicating it on 6th March 1866.
The major plan of the Pastorate is to start an Arts College in Ukkirankottai.

The congregations in the Pastorate are:

  • Holy Trinity Church, Ukkirankottai
  • Alakiapandiyapuram
  • Sampoothu
  • Mottaiyannor
  • South Vagaikulam
  • Palasthinapuram
  • Madathur
  • Kallakuddi
  • Kallathikulam
  • Thirumalapuram

Ukkirankottai congregation celebrates Church Dedication Day and Asanam on 6th March. Harvest Festival is celebrated on the 1st Sunday in May.

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