Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

C.M.S Started its mission in Tirunelveli town in 1818. This opened the gate to Rev. Rhenius for the gospel in this city. Sulochana Mudaliar was one of the local key persons of those days. The then chapel was opened in 16.07.1822. In 1827, 60 weavers turned to the Lord. The first Indian Pastor for Tirunelveli Town church was Rev. Jesudasan John. Bishop Sargent dedicated the Christ Church at Tirunelveli Town on 16.3.1885. Bishop V.S. Azariah of Dornakal got married in this church. At present there are sixteen congregations, eight schools and one Teacher Training Institute. Converts are added regularly to the church.

The congregations in this Pastorate are (with dedication dates in bracket):

  • Christ Church, Tirunelveli Town (15.12.1996)
  • Palayapettai
  • Gandhinagar (31.5.1986)
  • Suthamalli
  • Bharathiarnagar (24.11.1996)
  • Kunnathoor (22.1.1989)
  • Nadukallor
  • Vellankulam
  • Narasinganalloor
  • Karungadu
  • Subramaniapuram (18.5.1997)
  • Kalloor Colony
  • Anbunagar
  • Sathianagar
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