Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

In the beginning only a few families accepted Christ in this area. From 1919 worship was held in the school building. Mr. Muthaiah Pillai, Mr. Thangasamy, Mr. Navamani and the Head Master Mr. Thomson took the initiative to build a church and they built a small church in 1919. Though it is a Hindu center, more and more people are accepting Christ and the congregation size is increasing. In 1979 Rev. Daniel Chellaiah built the present big church at the same place where the small church was. In 1984, church tower was built.

There are 9 congregations under this pastorate unit (figures in brackets indicate the dedication of the church):

  • Christ Church, Tenkasi
  • Holy Zion Church, North Tenkasi (13.12.1998)
  • Holy Trinity Church, Madathur (1990)
  • Bethel Church, Melamegnanapuram (9.9.1923)
  • Transfiguration Church, Kurtalam (1958)
  • Pulichikulam (4.2.1991)
  • St. Peter’s Church, Mathalamparai (2.12.1985)
  • Melagaram
  • Kasimajorpuram
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