St. Luke’s Church, Sadaiyappapuram

 During 1835 Rev. CT Rhenius preached the Gospel, and Mr. Ramar followed Christianity and donated his own property to construct a Palm thatched shed. His elder son-in-law Mr. Marimuthu also became Christian and build a thatched shed to worship in the same place where the first church constructed, since it was damaged. Ms. Ratnam came from Dhonavur and labored missionary work. Mr. Marimuthu’s son-in-law Mr G. Luke Sarkunam took the initiative to build a tiled Church in the same place. The tiled Church was dedicated by Rt. Rev. Selwyn on 18.10.1951. Then tiles were replaced, asbestos sheets were fixed by Mr. Duraisamy.  Then the Church extended and rebuild as concrete building and dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Dr. S. Jeyapaul, on 23.12.1999. 98 Families with 230 Baptized persons Mr. C. Joseph Jebaraj Sugumar serving as Catechist.

St. Luke's Church, Sadaiyappapuram