Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

There were 75 families in this congregation at the time Catechist Mr. David Sundaranantham. The first church was built in 1803. After that three times the church was renovated. Mr. S.D. Koilpillai took initiative to extend the church and it was dedicated on 5th May 1955. The present church is further extended and dedicated on 5th May 1999. This congregation has 400 families. Church Dedication Festival is celebrated on 5th May and Harvest festival on 6th May. Asanam is celebrated on the Wednesday in the Holy Week. There are 4 Elementary Schools, a Middle School and a High School in the Pastorate.

Nine village congregations are under this pastorate:

  • St. John’s Church, Samaria
  • St. Bartholomew Church, Madathatchampatu
  • Child Jesus Church, Bethlehem
  • All Saints Church, Thangamalpuram
  • Infant Jesus Church, Samathanapuram
  • St. Peter’s Church, Thatchanvilai
  • St. Peter’s Church, Jothinagaram
  • Chidamparam Hospital Chapel, Thisaiyanvilai
  • Selvamaruthur – people worship the Lord in a school building.

Important Festivals in the Pastorate

CongregationDedication DayAsanam
Samaria5 MayWednesday in Holy Week
Madathatchampatu24 August27 December
Bethlehem7 November25 May
Thangamalpuram7 November4 September
Samathanapuram20 August 25 December
Thatchanvilai7 January 7 January
Jothinagaram18 April18 April
Thisaiyanvilai1 August

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