Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

This Pastorate came into being 1n 1974. Till then the congregations in the Pastorate were part of the Suviseshapuram Circle. The Holy Trinity Church was dedicated in 1880 and its first pastor was Rev. P. Gnanayuthan. There are eight Schools in the Pastorate. Recently, the Pastorate has built church at Parappadi East, a school at Zionmalai, and buildings at Parappadi and Malayankudi. The Pastorate has plans to set up schools at Amenkulam and Kovankulam within two years and to appoint Assistant Pastor at Zionmalai.

This Pastorate consists of 15 congregations with 1556 Christian families:

  • Holy Trinity Church, Parappadi
  • Transfiguration Church, Parappadi East
  • Transfiguration Church, Kanmaniankudi
  • Christ Church, Kamarajnagar
  • Resurrection Church, Eyenthankannar
  • All Saints Church, Periyanadarkudi
  • St. Paul’s Church, Kadayaneri
  • St. Thomas Church, Kailasanathapuram
  • St. Mark’s Church, Parpanathapuram
  • Good Shepherd Church, Amenkulam
  • Holy Immanuel Church, Zionmalai
  • Holy Immanuel Church, Kovankulam
  • Holy Immanuel Church, Alangulam
  • St. Stephen’s Church, Thiruvettarpuram
  • St. John’s Church, Malayankudi

Important Festival Days in the Pastorate

Parappadi1st Ippasi (Tamil month)
Parpanathapuram20 July
Kailasanathapuram18 December
Parappadi East29 May
Alangulam14 September
Malayankulam30 September
Kadayaneri24 December
Periyanadarkudi24 December
Zionmalai24 December
Amenkulam24 December
Kamarajnagar24 December
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