Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

Rev. C.T.E. Rhenius built a Church and opened it for worship on 16.6.1826. Bishop Corrie named it as Holy Trinity Church on 30th January 1836. Bishop Stephen Neill raised the status of the Church into a Cathedral. The Church at Samathanapuram was renovated, extended and rebuilt. The growing congregation in Vannarpettai needs a New Church which is in progress. The newly introduced projects through City Mission have its innovative methods in Evangelism.

The congregations in the Pastorate are:

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral, Palayamkottai
  • Christ Church, Samathanapuram
  • Christ Church, Kokirakulam
  • Christ Church, Vannarpettai

Important Festival Days in the Pastorate

CongregationDedication DayAsanamHarvest Festival
Palayamkottai1 May1 May1st Sunday in November
Samathanapuram 23 AugustHoly Saturday3rd Sunday in November
Kokirakullam15 May15 May3rd Sunday in February
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