Church of South India
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Nanjankulam Kaspa church named St. John’s Church was built by Rev. Newman in February 1848 and it was rebuilt and dedicated by Rev. Sargent in 1859. A fine tower was built and dedicated in 1923. Rev. J.D. Devaram was the first pastorate chairman. The church was rebuilt with stones and dedicated by the Moderator Rt. Rev. A.M. Holis in the presence of Rt. Rev. G.T. Selwyn MA. on 16th January 1950. The pastorate has five Primary Schools and a Middle School.
The future plan of the Pastorate in to start an Orphanage for School Children and to celebrate the harvest festivals at the pastorate level. This pastorate consists of seven congregation:

  •     St. John’s Church, Nanjankulam Kaspa
  •     St. John’s Church, Nanjankulam West
  •     St. Peter’s Church, Thengalam
  •     St. Mary’s Church, Vengalapottal
  •     St. Gabriel’s Church, Mavadi
  •     St. Gabriel’s Church, Kattapuli
  •     Ulaga Thiruthondar Church, Karambai

St. Mary’s Church in Vengalapottal is an ancient church built in 1928,  thatched church built in Catechist Mr. Vedakkan’ period. Catechist Mr. Sam Punniaraj took a initiative to build a tower  In 1995.  On 8.9.2014 the Rt.Rev. Dr. JJ Christdoss laid the foundation for a new church.  There are 140 enthusiastic Christian families worshiping here.


The villagers in Karambai had been enslaved and exploited by Brahmins in Madavakuruchi.  The foreign missionary who used to visit the village took care of the villagers and evangelized them in 1903. A pool is situated in the north of the village. From where the land lord Karunkattu Iyyer took soil (Karambai) to his paddy field for cultivation.  So, the village was used to call Karambai.  A TDTA school was also established  in 1903 and it was started under the shadow of a tree. Then Suviseshamuthu, who remained a faithful to Christ donated a piece of land.  A thatched church was built and dedicated by the Rt.Rev. Selwyn, which also was used as class room.  The church which was under Palayankottai Pastorate, then  came under Nanjankulam Pastorate, when a concrete church was replaced and dedicated by the Rt.Rev. Garret on 21st August 1964, named  as World Evangelists’ church.  Later a hall was built above the church, on the first floor and a bell was fixed. Recently the old church was renovated and dedicated on 08.05.2010 by the Rt.Rev.Dr. JJ Christdoss.


The Christians in Kamaraj Nagar had to walk a long distance to Thenkalam for worshipping.  Therefore 20 cents  of land (One cent Rs. 1400) was purchased  and a thatched shed was erected and  on Palm Sunday 13.04.2003, the first Holy Communion service was celebrated by Rev.A. Samuel. Mr. Jeyakumar, Catechist encouraged the people in spiritual life, daily even song was held.   When one day the shed was completely damaged by strong wind, the congregation came together collected money and laid foundation for the new church on 01.04.2004. Then in Rev. PD Muthuraj’s period, he took initiative to build a church and it  was dedicated on 22.12.2005 by the Rt.Rev.Dr. S. Jeyapaul David, named as Good Shepherd Church.  Later a bell tower was built by Rev. PD Muthuraj and dedicated. The front stage was built and dedicated by Rev. John Samuel.  Then Dn. Immanuel Devadason took initiative to build compound wall and laid the foundation.  But unfortunately Dn. Immanuel Devadason was passed away having heart attack. Then Dn. Charles took initiative to finish the compound  wall and dedicated. There are 40 families worshiping today.


The three Christian families who moved over to kootapuli from kuppanapuram were the early Christians of this small village.  A thatched shed was their original church.  Then a better building was erected and they were served by ministers from Nanjankulam. Rev. K. Thanasingh laid the foundation stone and on 02.09.2002 a concrete church was rededicated by the Rt.Rev. Dr. S. Jeyapaul David.  Today there are more than 40 families worshiping.


In 1932, there were 5 families worshiping in a clay and thatched building in Mavadi.  Then it was replaced by a building built with stone and tiled.  Today there are more than 30 families worshipping in a concrete church dedicated on 19.10.2010 by the Rt.Rev.Dr. JJ Christdoss.


The church was attached to Nanjankulam Kaspa before 1925 was separated and a clay and tile building was built and dedicated as Holy Trinity Church in 1925.  There were 5 or 6 families worshiping. On 12.11.197 a new church built east west was dedicated by Rt.Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj.  The church tower was dedicated on 23.12.2002 and now there are 40 worshiping families.


Even as early as 28.03.1908 St. Stephen’s Church was dedicated by the Bishop Williams.  It was a 54 x 24 feet small tiled church.  Later they felt the need for an extended church and with the willing and enthusiastic support of the congregation a bigger church with 2010 square feet was built and dedicated as st. Peter’s Church.


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