Medical Mission

CSI - Bell Pins Indrani Chelladurai Mission Hospital

CSI – Bell Pins Indrani Chelladurai Mission Hospital

Medical Mission initiated by the S.P.G. at Nazareth, Sawyerpurm, ldaiyangudi and Nagalapuram has been found most rewarding.In the early years when medical facilities provided by the Government were meager and inadequate, these hospitals eminently served the community. St. Luke’s Hospital, Nazareth has kept on with the march of modern medicine. Its phenomenal growth was during the stewardship of Dr. R. Vedabodagam, when several new wards – mostly gifts of grateful patients – were erected.




Modern OT Facilities

Modern OT Facilities

In recent years a huge Extension Project was completed with the aid of the Protestant Central Agency for Development Aid, Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany.With several additional buildings, an air conditioned operation theatre and intensive care unit, sophisticated equipment and highly qualified medical personnel, the hospital is much sought by the community several miles around. A significant development out of this hospital is St. Luke’s Leprosarium at Peikulam (Estd. 1956) which has grown to be one of the foremost of its kind in the whole of India.



Recent additions to the medical ministry are the Hospitals at Maruthakulam, Tuticorin and Melapalayam. All these hospitals are manned by competent and dedicated medical staff, with whom alone they can fulfil the purpose for which they were founded.

CSI Rhenius Community Health and Development Project Melapalayam, Tirunelveli-5

The CSI Rhenius Community Health and Development Project at Melapalayam is a comprehensive health care and socio-economic programme of the CSI Tirunelveli Diocese, providing preventive and curative health care to the multi-faith community and marginalized people with the active participation of the local community, support of government agencies, voluntary organizations and the church.

Project area
Melapalayam is in the district of Tirunelveli and a suburban part of the Tirunelveli Town. 80% of the population are Muslims while the rest are Hindus. Christians form a very small minority. Majority of them are economically backward. Their general and hygienic conditions are not good and the standard of health is low. The project is also serving 2 small villages Omanallur and Sadaiammankulam 10 and 33 km away from the main clinic in Melapalayam respectively. These two villages are visited twice a week.

Staff pattern
The project is run by a small team of 2 multipurpose health care workers, 1 social worker, 2 paramedical workers and a medical officer in charge.

Door to door survey is done. Children below 2 years are given free immunization. Pregnant mothers are given free antenatal care.

Survey in Progress

Survey in Progress

Patients with diseases like tuberculosis, diabetes, hypertension, etc. are followed up. Physically handicapped persons are given possible help through voluntary agencies.




Free Medical Check up

Free Medical Check up

Periodical free medical and eye camps and once-a-month leprosy clinics are conducted. Health education is given. Necessary articles like quilts and blankets are distributed to the needy.

Future plans
The project proposes to extend its service to 7 more villages by forming one more mobile medical team.

HospitalAddress / Phone Number
CSI Jeyaraj Annapackiam Mission Hospital1B/2 North Highground Road,
Palayamkottai - 627002
CSI Bell Pins Indrani Chelladurai Mission HospitalTiruchendur Road,
Palayamkottai - 627002
St. Immanuel HospitalIdaiyankudi,
Tirunelveli District - 627651
04637- 271817
Barenbruck HospitaBangala Surandai
Barenbruck Mission HospitalAthisayapuram,
Surandai - 627859
St. Luke's HospitalMaruthakulam,
Tirunelveli District - 627151
CSI Rhenius Community Health Development ProjectMelapalayam - 627002