The Teacher Training Schools are so vital to our educational set up, being the nurseries of men and women who staff our hundreds of schools. Their importance was realised by the early missionaries who founded the Bishop Sargent Training School for Men, Palamcottah (1856), Sarah Tucker Training School for Women, Palamcottah (1858) and St. John’s Training School for Women, Nazareth (1877). There was a time when even schools in Madras and Ceylon asked for teachers trained in these Schools. In 1934 was added yet another Oolyasthanam Training School for Women at Palaya Pettai near Tirunelveli Town.

The Teachers Training Institutes in the Diocese are:

Sl.NoNamePlaceContact Number
1Bishop Sergeant Teachers Training InstitutePalayamkottai0462 2502466
2Oolyasthanam Teachers Training InstitutePalayapettai0462 2333777
3Sarah Tucker Teachers Training InstitutePalayamkottai0462 2560987