Sarah Tucker Higher Secondary School Palayamkottai

Sarah Tucker Higher Secondary School Palayamkottai

In course of time High Schools were set up in favourable centres. To-day there are in the Diocese, 11 Higher Secondary Schools and 3 High Schools. Some of them like the 2 High Schools for Boys founded by the C.M.S. In Palamcottah (1871) and Tirunelveli (1880), Megnanapuram (1891) and their S.P.G. counterparts St. John’s Girls’ High School, Nazareth, the first High School for Girls in the whole of South India (1886), Caldwell High School ) Tuticorin (1883) and Victoria Girls’ High School, Tuticorin (1887)(Picture on inside back cover) have since become Higher Secondary Schools and hit their centuries in recent years.

Later on the burden of starting and maintaining the High Schools has been increasingly taken over by the sponsoring local Churches, the Diocese being responsible for providing the staff and exercising general supervision over them. The local Church very often finds the necessary land, raises the money for the buildings and endowment, and makes an annual contribution towards the cost of running the School. It has its representatives on the Governing Board of the School. Thus the School is knit into the life of the Church, each necessarily having a concern for the other. Students and members of the Staff help in the Church Choir, evangelistic efforts of the Church, harvest festivals etc; and the coming up of a High School has invariably contributed to the prosperity of the local Church and the fullness of its spiritual life.

It is a matter for gratification that our schools have been able to maintain consistently high standards in education. This has been reflected not only in the creditable results in Government examinations, but also in our schools distinguishing themselves in extra-curricular activities. Exemplary hostels and boarding houses, facilities for Scouting, N.C.C. and A.C.C. training, organised sports and games, the School Choir have all been contributing to the development of body, mind and spirit of the several lakhs of boys and girls who have been passing through them.

The High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools in the Diocese are:

Sl NoName of the SchoolContact Number
1Baronbruck Higher Secondary School, Bangalow Surandai04633 261124
2Caldwell Memorial Centenary Higher Secondary School, Idaiyangudi04637 271398
3Cathedral Higher Secondary School, Palayamkottai0462 2502396
4Mary Sergeant Girls Higher Secondary School, Palayamkottai0462 2502348
5Samaria St. John’s Higher Secondary School, Thisaiyanvilai04637 271047
6Sarah Tucker Girls Higher Secondary School, Palayamkottai0462 2560818
7Schaffter Higher Secondary School, Tirunelveli0462 2330885
8St. John’s Higher Secondary School, Palayamkottai0462 2580744
9St. Peter’s Higher Secondary School, Ukkirankottai0462 2481144
10Walker Higher Secondary School, Dhonavur04635 265056
11West Tirunelvely Higher Secondary School, Nallur04633 270262
12T.D.T.A. High School, Melaseval04634 279190
13T.D.T.A. St.Andrew's High School, Koodankulam04637 271408
14T.D.T.A. High School, Jacobpuram04637 288739

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