Men’s Fellowship

The Diocesan Men’s fellowship was started in 1980 to coincide with the bicentenary celebrations of the diocese

The main aim of the fellowship is to bring spiritual awareness among men and to build the kingdom of God through prayer, fellowship and service in church and society

Regular Meetings: All Branches in pastorate regularly meet once in a week for prayer and bible study. Also periodically special meetings are arranged.
Local Church Ministries: Such a s house visit, praying for sick, hospital visit, social service in the church and society through our good Samaritan project
Conferences: It is organised both at the council level and the diocesan level once in a year.
Quatrely Magazine: It is named “PILLARS” ( Thoongal). It is published in January, April, July and October.
Leadership Seminar: It is organised in the pastorate level and council level for coordinators.
Men’s Sunday: It is organise d in the diocesan level on October fourth Sunday.

Branches at the pastorate level send Rs 100/= per year to the head quarters as affiliation fees
Individual membership fee Rs 20/=
Magazine yearly subscription is Rs 50/=

Current office bearers Chairman

ChairmanRt. Rev. J J Christdoss
DirectorThe Rev. A.Paul Jebaraj
Contact addressMen’s fellowship
Bishop Sargent TTI School Campus,
Palayamkottai – 627002
Phone: o462-2502624, 94427 96511