Indian Missionary Society

Constrained by the love of Christ, a dynamic young man – Vethanayagam Samuel Azariah (who was destined to become the internationally acclaimed Bishop Azariah of Dornakal) shared his God-given vision with likeminded colleagues – 20 laymen and 8 clergymen who wore out their knees and poured out their hearts in prayer.



null Their vision has led, in God’s providence, to a massive mission through the Indian Missionary Society born on 12th February 1903. The Indian Missionary Society as the first indigenous missionary movement, has a mission to fulfill among the most oppressed and downtrodden communities in the Tribal Belts of India. The Society gives Gospel to those communities with love, both by words and deeds.



It uplifts the poor in their 90 mission fields spread over 15 states in India by giving them schooling and medical care. Efforts are made to liberate these downtrodden people from oppression, poverty and superstitions and to enable them see the Light. Saving faith has to be complimented with serving love. The Indian Missionary Society does this with dedication and commitment.

Goal and Guidelines

The Bible is the base. The Holy Spirit is the power. Fortified with prayer and faith, the goal of IMS is to win India for Christ, using Indian personnel, Money and Management.


Mode of Operation

To work in close co-operation with local Churches promoting and assisting them in their missionary enterprise
To promote local leadership for the Church’s outreach
To proclaim the Gospel of Christ
To teach the word of God to the enquirers
To build schools where there is a requirement
To build Churches and Prayer Houses in neglected sector with no motive of becoming a Church ourselves
To build Hostels for tribal students
To help and re-habilitate the poor
To render medical aid where no facilities are available.

Facts and Figures

States Covered16
Full time Missionaries509
Extension Centres95
Worshipping Groups290
Active Churches165
Tribal Converts52,000
Villages covered37,000
Schools 6
Tribal Hostels17
Tribal Students1,000
Health Centres6
Rehabilitation Centre4



It is estimated that a sum of Rs. 37.5 million is needed this year to maintain these activities. IMS looks up to God alone who prompts His children to provide us with this amount.


“The Missionary Intelligencer” (published in Tamil, English & Hindi) is a monthly magazine IMS carrying the field news.

Centenary Vision (2002 – 2003)

Home Based158350
Local evangelists275700
States Covered1221
Mission Extension Centres80160
Active Churches120350
Worshipping groups200700
Tribal hostel students7001,400
Health centers425
Missionary Training Centres02
Gospel Translation in Tribal languages47
Diocese formation14
Industrial Training Centres025
Prayer cells3501,400
IMS Festival sales70140
PGO / Area leaders210350
Life members9,00035,000
Donor members11500
Magazine – Tamil14,00042,000
Promotional centers721
Promotional Centre in charges721
Promotional Assistants1145
Hundi Boxes20007000
Vision camps in a year742
Budget (Rs. in million)150875


Contact Address :

Rev. J. Kingsly John
General Secretary,
Indian Missionary Society,
107, Trivandrum Road,
Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli – 627 002
Phone : +91(462)2502999 (Res) 2502614 (Off)