Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

This Pastorate has plans to upgrade the present middle school to a high school at Manjuvilai. They also plan to build church at Karuppanthoppu.

The congregations under this Pastorate are (Dedication Days indicated in brackets):

  •     St. Paul’s Church, Manjuvilai (22 December)
  •     Holy Trinity Church, Kamaraj Nagar (3 July)
  •     Holy Trinity Church, Melapathai (7 September)
  •     Christ Church, Keelapathai (27 September)
  •     St. Paul’s Church, Vadamalaisamudram (24 October)
  •     Little Bethlehem Church, Kattarkulam (2 June)
  •     Holy Trinity Church, Keelakaruvelankulam (2 April)
  •     Karuppanthoppu

All Congregation members are Christians migrated from villages under Manur Panchayat Union during 1930 – 40 to work in Tea Estates and converted as Christians. Except Kodayar all five churches were established between 1955 – 1965. The Christ Church at Manjolai Estate is Kaspa Church. The Church was dedicated by Bishop. Rt. Rev. Jebaraj in 1953.

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