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Holy Trinity Church,  Maharajanagar.

Few Christian families were residing in Maharajanagar Housing Board Quarters near Government Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital. In the year 1970 these families and the nursing staff working in the Government Hospital, Mrs. Martha Jeyaraj, Mrs,.Senthurkani  Selvin, Mrs. Sushila Jeyasingh, Mrs. Thayamani Pushpam Packiamani, Mrs. Gracelet Simonrajan, along with the families of Mr. Chellappan, Mr. Jothilingam, Mr. K. Pitchaimani, Dr. Thilagar Jebamani, Mrs. Thangam Jeyapaul, assembled in the Housing Board Quarters and conducted Prayer meetings in the houses of Late Mr. Y.A Albert and Mr, Selvin Sironmani.
Later the members of the Housing Board Quarters Prayer Cell and few other Christian families in the near by area joined together and wanted to construct a Church in Maharajanagar area to worship our Lord, God the Almighty.  They sought the assistance of  Dr. Benjamin (Resident Medical Officer,  Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital), Rev. Thiraviam Jesudosan (Presbyter, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Palayankottai) and Rev. MG Samuel (Presbyter, Military Lines Church).  Immediately Rev. MG Samuel appointed Mr. Sunderraj as Catechist and Sunday Services were started in the Maharajanagar Housing Board Guest House.  Later when Brigadier Thiyagaraj offered a portion of his Bungalow, adjacent to Maharajanagar Housing Board Quarters, the worshiping venue was shifted and regular Sunday services were held to the Glory of the Almighty.
In the meantime the  Palayankottai Municipality acquired land and developed it into a housing colony and allotted a piece of land for the Christian Church near the land allotted to a Hindu Temple.  Members took a long struggle and succeeded in getting the present location as re allotted by Palayankottai Minicipality.  The elders evinced keen interest and constructed a thatched shed and made it as our own humble Maharajanagar Church.  From 05-06-1977 onwards regular Church Services were conducted by  Rev. MG Samuel,  Rev. J. Stephen,  Rev. GP Joel,  Rev. DVJ Kirubaimani and Catechist Mr. Sunderraj.  The Maharajanagar Church was attached to Military Line Pastorate as a branch Church.  Later when Shanthinagar was upgraded as a Pastorate, Maharajanagar  branch church was attached to the newly formed Shanthinagar Pastorate.  The location where a thatched shed was erected, was found to be a more suitable place for a permanent structure for the Church, hence another thatched structure was constructed to west of it, where the present Parish Hall exists.  Regular Services were conducted by  Rev. GP Joel,  Rev. DVJ Kirubaimani,  Rev. MG Samuel and Rev. J. Stephen.
On 17-07-1977, Rt.Rev. S. Daniel Abraham, BD STM, Bishop in Tirunelveli conducted the Sunday Service and gave the sermon and few valuable suggestions for the development of the thatched shed Church, Maharajanagar.  Immediately on hearing the valuable suggestions of  the Bishop, the Church Development  meeting was convened on 20-7-1977 and passed a resolution to construct a permanent structure for the church.  A committee to raise funds for the construction of a permanent structure for the church was formed and Mr. ES Jesudasan, Mr. M. Iphrim, Mr. M. Paulraj Joseph, Mr. YA Albert, Prof. Johnson Solomon were nominated for the purpose.  Later when Mr. YA Albert left Mr. James Arulraj were inducted in to the fund raising committee.  In 1980 Mr. V. Chelladurai was appointed as Church Catechist instead of Mr. S. Sunderraj.  The foundation for the permanent structure for the Maharajanagar Church was laid on 08-01-1983 by Rt.Rev. S. Daniel Abraham, BD STM, Bishop in Tirunelveli.  And it was dedicated on 08-02-1986 by the Rt.Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj, Bishop in Tirunelveli, and named it as Holy Trinity Church.
The foundation stone for the Bell tower was laid on08-02-1987 and dedicated on 19-02-1989 by the Rt. Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj. A room for the Church Choir was constructed in memory of Late Mrs. Mary Ammal and the funds donated by Mr. Samuel.  Parish Hall and Parsonage was dedicated  on 07-02-1993 by the Rt. Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj.  The wall behind the Alter was decorated  with Teak wood wall paneling by the funds raised by Women’s fellowship and false ceiling was donated by Bus owners Association and LCF.
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