Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

In the beginning of 19th century, a Gospel team came to the village of Idayankulam. First baptism service was held on 17.12.1827 and 10 Hindu families came to Christian fold. Over the years all in the village have become Christians. St. Mark’s Church was built and dedicated on 2.10.1888. The Church Tower was dedicated for the Glory of God in 1939.

The Dedication Festival of the Idayankulam Pastorate Church is celebrated on 2nd October every year. The Church Asanam (Mass feeding) is held on 15th August and Harvest Festival held in July. There is much enthusiasm in the congregation while celebrating the Church Dedication Festival and Harvest Festival.
There are 10 Congregations in the Pastorate:

  •     St. Mark’s Church, Idayankulam
  •     St. John’s Church, Athichaperi
  •     Trinitarian Church, South Kaduvetti
  •     St. Mathew’s Church, North Kaduvetti
  •     Christ Church, Neduvilai
  •     Immanuel Church, Erukkalaipatti
  •     Good Samaritan Church, Vadaku Erukkala Path
  •     Trinitarian Church, Vilankulam
  •     Transfiguration Church, Sri Govindaperi
  •     Christ Church , Mela Idayankulam

Important Festivals in the Pastorate

CongregationDedicationAsanamHarvest Festival
Athichaperi 41773
South Kaduvetti41785
North Kaduvetti41898
Vadaku Erukkalaipatti41893
Mela Idayankulam41862

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