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About the Pastorate

In 18th century Rev. C.F. Swartz sent some trained Church workers from Tanjore to the coastal lands in the South. One among them was David Sundaranantham @ Inaddai Muthu, native of Vijayanamapuram. Subsequently Rev. Ringle Thoube came to this region by walk to spread Evangelism. As a result Idaiyangudi congregation was formed. In 1841, Rev. Robert Caldwell came here and found only seven families. Staying at Idaiyaugudi for more than 42 years, he kindled the spiritual light of Jesus and established more than 50 congregations. He built the beautiful church named Holy Trinity Church and dedicated it to the Holy Redeemer in 1880. He established Elementary Schools and also Immanuel Hospital. In June 2000, the Dravidian Linguistic Association conducted an All India Conference and the local congregation instituted ” Bishop Caldwell Research Centre” for religious, linguistic and historical studies (B.C.R.C). The Bishop Caldwell Bungalow has been declared by the Tirunelveli Diocese as a Monumental Building for Dr. Caldwell Research Studies and Library.

There are eleven congregations in this pastorate namely:

  •     Dohnavur
  •     Holy Trinity Church, Idaiyangudi
  •     St. John’s Church, Arulnagar
  •     St. Thomas Church, Tharuvai East
  •     St. John’s Church, Tharuvai South
  •     St. Mary’s Church, Tharuvai West
  •     St. Stephen’s Church, Vellivillai
  •     St. John’s Church, Achampadu
  •     Holy Trinity Church, Illakarivillai
  •     St. John’s Church, Kuttam
  •     St. Paul’s Church, Tanjapuram
  •     Good Shepherd Church, Kadakulam

Important Festivals in the Pastorate

CongregationDedicationAsanamHarvest Festival
IdaiyangudiTrinity SundayMonday in the Holy WeekJuly
Tharuvai East4199441994February
Tharuvai South42002September
Tharuvai West4199641996September
IllakarivillaiTrinity SundayAugust
Kuttam 42002Holy WeekOctober
Tanjapuram 41664October
Kadakulam41774Holy WeekOctober

125th Anniversary Celebrations of Holy Trinity Church, Idaiyangudi

Bishop Robert Caldwell built and dedicated the Idaiyangudi Church in 1880. We plan to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the church from 15 – 22 May 2005.

The tentative programme schedule as follows:

Day and DateTimeProgram
Sunday,4.00pmInaugural Service and Baptism Service
Monday,4.00pmInauguration of BCRC[Bishop Caldwell Study & Research Centre] Conference
Tuesday,10.00amBCRC Conference
Wednesday,10.00am - 4.00pmPrayer conference
417771 7.00pmLight and Sound Show
Trinity Sunday,10.00amThanksgiving Service
4.30pmPublic meeting
6.30pmFellowship Meal

The following projects are to be accomplished during the celebration:

  •     Releasing of Bishop Caldwell biographical video film
  •     Releasing of audiocassette to commemorate the event
  •     Construction of mission complex at a cost of Rs.15,00,000/-
  •     Baptize 125 new members [children and adults]
  •     Establish three new congregations in non-Christian villages.

We request you to pray for all the programs and projects of this very important event. We solicit your esteemed presence during the celebrations. We also appreciate your liberal contribution for this good work.

Please contact:
Rev. D. Vethanbu, Bishop Caldwell Bungalow, Idaiyangudi-627651, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India Phone: 04637-271408, E-mail:

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