Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

Rev. Charles Theophilus Ewald Rhenius – founder and maker of Dohnavur came in 1826 to Puliyoorkurichi and a few accepted Christ. Rev. Rhenius bought a land and built a Church and few houses with the money sent by his friend one “Count Dohna”. He dedicated that Christian settlement for the converts on 23.5.1827 christening it DOHNAVUR (after Count Dohna). Now the newly extended Church, God willing, will be dedicated on 23.05.2001. Dohnarur is a well known place as it was one of the C.M.S. District Missionary Centres and also for the jubilant Harvest Festival.

The congregations in the Pastorate are:

  • Dohnavur
  • Levinjipuram
  • Eruvadi
  • Santhosapuram
  • Mavadi
  • Nerinjivilai – New Church under construction
  • Kadambodu Valvu
  • Kattalai
  • Nallamaram
  • M.N. Thoppu
  • N. Puliankulam
  • Rajapudur
  • P.K. Kudiyiruppu
  • Keela Malayaneri
  • Mela Malayaneri
  • Vadukachi Mathil
  • Vanniyankudiyiruppu
  • Thalavaipuram
  • S. Puliankulam

Important Festivals in the Pastorate

Congregation Dedication Day Asanam
Dohnavur 6 October 6 October
Levinjipuram 21 December
Eruvadi 4 December 4 December
Santhosapuram 21 December
Mavadi 19 May
Kadambodu Valvu 22 May 22 May
Kattalai 22 May 22 May
Nallamaram 29 October 29 October
M.N. Thoppu 29 October 29 October
N. Puliankulam 29 October 29 October
Rajapudur 5 August 5 August
P.K. Kudiyiruppu 27 July
Keela Malayaneri 3 November 3 November
Mela Malayaneri 23 December
Vadukachi Mathil 3 September
Vanniyankudiyiruppu 13 November 13 November
Thalavaipuram 19 November 19 November

Harvest Festival is held at Dohnavur in August.

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