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clarinda-church-mi-li_tnAbout the Pastorate

In the very early times of the British in Palayamkottai, their only place of worship was Clarinda’s church which had been dedicated in 1785 by the famous missionary Rev. Schwartz of Tanjore. Being a very small church in course of time it could not accommodate the increased number of English worshippers, Palayamkottai being a military center with one or two regiments whose officers from the ran of sergeant were all British.

The military authorities therefore requested the government to build a new church for them. So was Christ church built and dedicated on 23rd February 1856. The church was under the Ecclesiastical Department of the Government which paid the salaries of the clerk and gardeners and the responsibility of maintaining the church in good condition was entrusted to the Public Works Department in Tirunelveli.

Though there were English Chaplains in charge of the English services to begin with, when the new church was built in response to the request of the government, the C.M.S. Missionaries stationed in Palayamkottai agreed to conduct the services in Christ Church in addition to their Missionary work and this arrangement went on till 1955 when Rev. G.N. Kanthayya became the first Indian presbyter to take charge of the church.

All through its history, there were Indian Christian worshippers too in Christ Church, their number being very small in the early decades. When Palayamkottai closed to be a regimental center, the number of English worshippers dwindled to as low as 20, but proportionately the number of Indian worshippers increased.

Coming to the recent past of our own times, the average attendance at the English services (Evensong) was always below 100. In the centenary history of churches, it is mentioned that only with the starting of a choir by the Palayamkottai Musical Association that the attendance increased significantly.

There had been capable organists, earlier all of them English, the last one being Miss Ardill who had served for more than 20 years. The first Indian organist who took over about the same time as the formation of the choir in 1945 was Mrs. Rachel Devadason who served as organist for 25 years. At the communion service on Sunday mornings Mr. Thompson played the organ for many years. Later he and his son David Thompson rendered very valuable service, playing for evening services too. Since then and upto the present day there have been many men and women who have kept alive the musical traditions of the church by singing at the English service both in the morning and evening.

This history being brief as it is, will not be complete unless we refer in the first place to a succession of English Missionaries who served as chaplains of the church – Bishop Sargent, Rev. T. Kimber, Rev. R. F. Ardill, Rev. G.T. Selwyn, Rev. H.P. Young, Rev. C.W.F. Bennett, Rev. T.S. Garret and several others. Likewise we should mention a succession of Indian Pastors who being in charge of the church took English services too, beginning with Rev. G.N. Kanthayya succeeded by Rev. S.D. Swamidoss, Rev. M.G. Samuel, Rev. D.V.J. Kirubaimani, Rev. V.D. Selvanayagam, Rev. S. Jeyapaul David, Rev. Jasos Selvakumar, Rev. Simson Sigamani, Rev. S. Manickam, Rev. G. Stephen Lionel and now Rev. R. Joseph.
The Good Shepherd Church, High Grounds, Palayamkottai was dedicated on 1.4.1987. The pastorate has 3 congregations:

  •     Military Lines
  •     V.M. Chatram
  • 11954-1981Rev.G.N.Kantaya (Hon)  
    61985-1987Rev.S. Jeyapaul David
    71987-1991Rev.J.Jason Selvakumar
    81991-1992Rev.G.Simson Sigamony
    101995-2000Rev.G.Stephen Lionel
    142010-Rev.A.Gibson Johndoss


East Sivanthipuram




Kamaraj Nagar



Holy Calvary Church

Holy Calvary Church

 Mela Sivanthipuram village is situated in the valley of Podigai Hills on the banks of Thamiraparani River, surrounded by canals and green fields.   The earlier settler was one Mr. Pechimuthu Nadar, a farmer, who migrated to this place from Pulavan Kudiyiruppu, a village adjacent to Cheranmagadevi and popular for folk songs, since it was affected by sever famine.  He named this village as Pulavanpatti.  Originally the village Sivanthipuram was named after one Sivanthiappa Naiakkar, a Commander in the army of King Thirumalai Naiakkar of Madurai, who donated the lands to this village.  Since the Pulavanpatti village is situated west of Sivanthipuram in later dates it was renamed as Mela Sivanthipuram.

Long  time back the family of one Mr. Abraham was the lone Christian family in Mela Sivanthipatti village. The first Church was planted in 1857 by Mr. Gnanamuthu in a thatched shed.   In 1860 few people who were against Christianity joining hands with Aatheenam and set fire to the thatched roof.  Yet the Christian families confidently stood by to construct another church in the same location.  Agriculture and Climbing Palmarah tree was their main vocation.  As days passed by the Christian population started growing.  In 1880 the East India Company established a Spinning Mill in the foothills of Papanasam Hills.   This brought in many outsiders to migrate and settle in Pulavanpatti village.  Many of them also converted themselves to Christianity.   With the involvement of the villagers Mr. Arulanandam was able to mobilize funds to construct a big Church there and it was dedicated in March, 1910 by Bishop Arthur A Williams.    In 1933 the church was further extended with a portico and Tower and was rededicated by Bishop T. Westrer.    During that time a Hindu brother with chronic sickness came to the church from George Town of Vickramasinghapuram and he was miraculously healed  when prayed over.  He with gratitude donated the Church Bell which is still chiming.  As the church started growing some more extension was carried out on the frontage of the church and it was dedicated by Bishop Stephen Neil on 7th January 1940.   On further growth of membership with slight additions and modifications costing Rs. 31,000 the  Big Church was dedicated on 4th November 1972 by  Bishop Thomas Carrot.   

Five acres of burial ground was procured for Calvary Church use.  Calvary Church was attached to Vickramasinghapuam Pastorate and it was accounted as the biggest church in the Pastorate. The Vickramasinghapuram Pastorate found this church fit enough to care for itself due to the ever growing faith and dedication of its members, and recommended to separate it to function as a Pastorate.   With the approval of the Diocesan Executive wing Mela Sivanthipuram Pastorate was established in 1996.   Keela Sivanthipuram churches, Swaminathapuram churches and Agasthiar Patti church came under the wings of Mela Sivanthipuram Pastorate.

By now the church was overflowing and to accommodate more crowd the Elders and the Church Committee in consultation and guidance of Pastorate Chairman Rev. D. J. Jebaraj it was decided on 28.01.2006 that the existing church to be demolished and a new spacious church be constructed.  Church Construction Committee was formed with Mr. P. Joseph Balachandran as the Treasurer,  a team committee members comprising of M/s D. Thanaraj, D. Abraham Joseph, A. Asir Samuelraj, N. Sundararajan Muthiah, A. Yobudas, J. Stanley Sundararaj, I. Scott Lenin.

 On 01.06.2009 the work was initiated with prayers by Rev. J. Justin and under his leadership half of the main alter was demolished and extended to 15’ on the backside and the revised alter of 55’x41’ was constructed and work progressed within an expenditure of Rs.30,00,000. The work was completed in a year’s time and on 01.05.2010  it was dedicated by Bishop J.J. Christdoss.

After one year of the extension of the hinder part of the church, the front part extension to 61’x41’  was planned on 30.01.2011 under the leadership of Rev. Justin costing estimated to Rs. 70,00,000.   On 01.05.2011 the foundation stone for the extension was laid by Rev. J.P.M. Vasanthakumar, Clergical Secretary.   Under the leadership of Rev. Justin and Mrs. Sobana Justin  the church members demolished the frontage of the  church.  All church members irrespective of their professional associations came forward voluntarily to assist in the construction work.  The work was completed and it was dedicated by Bishop J.J. Christdoss on 01.05.2013.    After this work under the leadership of Rev. Selvaraj it was decided to construct the pinnacle  and within seven months a 125’ tall pinnacle was constructed.   By God’s great Grace of this 125’ tall church was re-dedicated by Rt. Rev. J.J. Christdoss on 01.0.2014.  Funds for this new church was not mobilized from any institutions but was entirely by the members of the congregation and their friends and relatives.


At present 417 families sojourn in the congregation.  The members evangelized and planted churches in nearby villages.   In Ullasnagar the evangelical work started by conducting Sunday School to local children and now Ullasnagar St. Thomas Church is established here.  The church sent its first missionary Mr. Rajendran to work with FMPB.  21 others from the church followed in mission work as family whose names are listed below:  

List of Missionaries from St. Calvary Church, Mela Sivanthipuram

Old Calvary Church

Old Calvary Church

Indian missionary SocietyIMS

  1. Mr.D.Prabhakaran &Mrs.Selvimariammal
  2. Mr.A. Jacob Daniel & Mrs. Punithavathi
  3. Mr.A. Isaac Nesakumar & Mrs.Jeyapalin
  4. Mrs.Jansirani &Mr.Lazer
  5. Mr.S.Devamagathuvaraj & Mrs. Sheeba Rani
  6. Mrs. Bennita Christy & Mr.Lawrence
  7. Mr.D.Gnanaraja & Mrs.Jasmine Selvarani
  8. Mrs.Jasmin Selvarani
  9. Mr.D.Jones Albert & Mrs Femila
  10. Mr.A.Jebakumar &Mrs. Gnanaselvi                                                                                                                                                                                         Friends Missionary Prayer Band – FMPB 
  1. S.Rajendran & Mrs. Leelabai
  2. A.Ebanezer Samuel & Mrs. Pebel Flarence
  3. A. Salamon & Mrs. Suganthi
  4. D. Banupushparaj &Mrs. Raechel Joice
  5. Raechel Joice

III. Navajeevan Sevamandal  – NSM. 

  1. J.Kamaraj & Mrs. Raechel
  2. A.Henry Esudasan & Mrs. Gnanaseeli
  3. A. Israel Benyamin & Mrs. Sheela
  1. Blessing Youth MissionBYM
  2. Esther Pakkiavathi & Mr.Ruban Koilpichai
  1. Vishwa Vani
  2. A. Serubabel & Mrs. Angeline
  3. G. Yesudas Duraisingh & Mrs. Mercy

Clergy from  St. Calvary Church, Mela Sivanthipuram 

  1. P. Simpson Sigamani B.A., B.D.
  2. J. Israel Thanasingh B.A., B.D.
  3. A. Jesu Nesapandian B.A., B.D.

List of Presbyters served:  

Sl. No. Name Duration
1 Rev.John G Samuel 18.04.1943  – 31.03.1945
2 Rev.Rober Peter 01.04.1945 – 30.04.1946
3 Rev.K. Yesivadian 01.05.1946 – 31.05.1947
4 Rev.B.G.James 01.06.1947 – 14.04.1950
5 Rev.E.B. Gnanasigamani 01.06.1950 –31.05.1954
6 Rev. Lawrence Durai 01.06.1954 – 21.05.1955
7 Rev.J. T. Paul Manikkam 22.05.1950 – 21.05.1957
8 Rev.R.A.J.Selvaraj 01.06.1958 – 31.05.1961
9 Rev.D.G. Abraham 01.06.1961 – 31.05.1962
10 Rev.R. John Devaraj 01.06.1962 – 31.03.1964
11 Rev.P. Samuel Jeyaraj 01.06.1964 – 31.05.1967
12 Rev. Jason Dharmaraj 01.06.1967 – 31.05.1971
13 Rev. Jeyapaul David 01.06.1971 – 05.07.1976
14 Rev.P. Nallakannu 16.06.1976 – 31.05.1980
15 Rev.S.Joseph 01.06.1980 – 31.05.1985
16 Rev.P.S. Sathia Samuel 01.06.1984 – 31.05.1985
17 Rev.J. Victor Rajan Israel 01.06.1985 – 31.05.1986
18 Rev.J.P.N. Vasanthamumar (Asst. Pastor) 01.06.1985 – 31.05.1986
19 Rev. G. Vedanayagam 01.06.1986 – 31.05.1990
20 Rev.S.Manikkam 01.06.1990 – 03.06.1991
21 Rev.A.R.G.S.T. Barnabbas 04.06.1991 – 03.06.1996
22 Rev.S.E.C. Devasagayam 04.06.1996 – 14.11.1996
23 Rev.Isaac Devadas (Asst. Pastor) 04.06.1996 – 02.06.1997
24 Rev.S. Manikkam 15.11.1996 – 01.06.2001
25 Rev. Rajamani (Asst. Pastor) 03.06.1997 – 02.06.1998

 Presbyters after formation of Mela Sivanthipuram Pastorate


Sl. No. Name Duration
1 Rev. Isaac Devadas  
2 Rev.Masillamani  
3 Rev.Samuel Prakash 2007 – 2008
4 Rev.D.J. Jebaraj 2004 – 2008
5 Rev.J.Justin 2008 – 2013
6 Rev.S.Selvaraj   2013 – 2014
7 Rev. Maduram 2014 –


About the Pastorate

Maruthakulam Pastorate came into being by the efforts of the Rev. Rhenius. This village was then controlled by Brahmin zamindars, who tormented the people. In 1851 Rev. Edward Sergeant gave baptism to 41 persons. For the present church the foundation was laid in the year 1902 by Rev. E.S. Khar . It was dedicated on 17th August in 1910 by Rt. Rev. A. A. Williams and named as Bishop Sargent Memorial Trinity Church. The Jubilee celebrations were held 17.8.60 with the blessings of by Rt. Rev. A.G. Jebaraj. The Pastorate is getting ready for the Centenary celebrations in 2010.

The congregations in the Pastorate are:

  •     Maruthakulam
  •     Thalaikulam
  •     Perinbapuram
  •     Mela Panankulam
  •     Keela Panankulam
  •     Moontadaippu
  •     Pookuzhi
  •     Bethania
  •     Ponnakudi
  •     Chengulam
  •     Bethlehem
  •     Karanthaneri

All Congregation members are Christians migrated from villages under Manur Panchayat Union during 1930 – 40 to work in Tea Estates and converted as Christians. Except Kodayar all five churches were established between 1955 – 1965. The Christ Church at Manjolai Estate is Kaspa Church. The Church was dedicated by Bishop. Rt. Rev. Jebaraj in 1953.

About the Pastorate

This Pastorate has plans to upgrade the present middle school to a high school at Manjuvilai. They also plan to build church at Karuppanthoppu.

The congregations under this Pastorate are (Dedication Days indicated in brackets):

  •     St. Paul’s Church, Manjuvilai (22 December)
  •     Holy Trinity Church, Kamaraj Nagar (3 July)
  •     Holy Trinity Church, Melapathai (7 September)
  •     Christ Church, Keelapathai (27 September)
  •     St. Paul’s Church, Vadamalaisamudram (24 October)
  •     Little Bethlehem Church, Kattarkulam (2 June)
  •     Holy Trinity Church, Keelakaruvelankulam (2 April)
  •     Karuppanthoppu

All Congregation members are Christians migrated from villages under Manur Panchayat Union during 1930 – 40 to work in Tea Estates and converted as Christians. Except Kodayar all five churches were established between 1955 – 1965. The Christ Church at Manjolai Estate is Kaspa Church. The Church was dedicated by Bishop. Rt. Rev. Jebaraj in 1953.

CSI Church, Manjolai

CSI Church, Manjolai

Manjolai Pastorate

Manjolai is a small Ooty in Tirunelveli District. It is situated 30 kms from Manimuthar. It is 3500 ft above from sea level. Manjolai is in between 4 beautiful hills. Mr. EA Stone came from England to Manjolai as a General Manager and he established a Church to worship the living God. English people only allowed to worship in this Church. Then it was handed over to Church of South India, Tirunelveli Diocese to conduct worship. Then it was dedicated by  Rt. Rev. AG Jebaraj on 26.04.1953. Then the Branch churches came in to being and became a independent Pastorate  in June 1963. The Parsonage is a property of Burma Trading Corporation and it is among  Staff Quarters.  There were a  English Medium Primary School at Manjolai, which was started in 1988.



There are six congregations under Manjolai Pastorate:

  •     Christ Church – Manjolai Estate
  •     Immanuel Church – Kakachi Estate
  •     Zion Church – Nalumuku Estate
  •     St. John’s Church – Oothu Estate
  •     St. Paul’s Church – Kuthiraivetti Estate
  •     Christ King Church – Upper Kodayar Dam

 All Congregation members were  migrated from villages under Manur Panchayat Union during 1930 – 40 to work in Tea Estates and converted as Christians. Except Kodayar all five churches were established between 1955 – 1965.  At present Rev. J. James Franklin is serving as Presbyter and Rev. K. Arulraj Pitchamuthu is Pastorate Chairman.

About the Pastorate

Manakad congregation came into being in the year 1878 by the efforts of the C.M.S. Missionaries. There were 18 families then. Holy Trinity Church was dedicated on 10.121907 by Rt. Rev. Acheson William and a tower was erected in 1997. Manapadai Veedu congregation which comes under Manakad pastorate was also started by the C.M.S. Missionaries in 1905. The Keelapattom congregation was founded by the Rev. Rhenius in 1823 with 7 families. At Devasahayam, while the Rajavallipuram East congregation was started in 1970 with the efforts of Mr. Ponraj. New congregations were initiated at Pottal in1929 and at Barkitmanagar in1933. Mr. Ponniah was the founder of the later. In Kattalai a new congregation was raised by Mr. Prakasam. By the efforts of Mr. Gabriel a congregation was started at Pappiahpuram.
The congregations in the pastorate are:

    •     Holy Trinity Church, Manakad
    •     Christ Church, Manapadai Veedu
    •     St. Thomas Church, Keelapattom
    •     St. Andrew’s Church, Kattalai
    •     CSI Church, Pottal
    •     St. Andrew’s Church, Pappiahpuram
    •     Immanuel Chuch, Rajavallipuram East
    •     St. Peter’s Church, Rajavallipuram West

At present Rev.S.Solomon Joseph Martin is serving as presbyter in Charge.
Contact Address is:
The Presbyter In Charge
Manarkadu Pastorate,
Melappattam Post
BurkitManagar Via
Tirunelveli – 627351
Telephone: 91-462-2483142

Sl.NoYear of ServiceName of the Clergy  
11914-1921Rev.Devadoss Narayana
Rev.J.Devavaram Dare
Rev.J.Devavaram Dare
Rev.P.Abraham Samuel
51938-1942Rev.Joseph Abraham
Rev.Andrew Kurien devasahayam
Rev.Melchizedec Abraham
Rev.Ponnusamy Thangiah
Rev.Navamani Koilpitchai
Rev.P.Isaac Jeevahan
Rev.R.Nestor Philip
Rev.S.Hendry Manuel
131972-1974Rev.Samuel Yesudasan
141974-1976Rev.Daniel Joseph Devadasan
Rev.J.Augustine Gnanaraj
Rev.G.Ebenezer Devaraj
Rev.S.Pon Manuel
Rev.Raja Manuel
Rev.Justin Kumaravel
Rev.P.David Gnaniah
Rev.Welcome Arputharaj (LW)
292006-2007Mr.V.John Samuel (CFO)
Rev.Samuel David Navamani
332014-Rev.S.Solomon Joseph Martin

Holy Trinity Church,  Maharajanagar.

Few Christian families were residing in Maharajanagar Housing Board Quarters near Government Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital. In the year 1970 these families and the nursing staff working in the Government Hospital, Mrs. Martha Jeyaraj, Mrs,.Senthurkani  Selvin, Mrs. Sushila Jeyasingh, Mrs. Thayamani Pushpam Packiamani, Mrs. Gracelet Simonrajan, along with the families of Mr. Chellappan, Mr. Jothilingam, Mr. K. Pitchaimani, Dr. Thilagar Jebamani, Mrs. Thangam Jeyapaul, assembled in the Housing Board Quarters and conducted Prayer meetings in the houses of Late Mr. Y.A Albert and Mr, Selvin Sironmani.
Later the members of the Housing Board Quarters Prayer Cell and few other Christian families in the near by area joined together and wanted to construct a Church in Maharajanagar area to worship our Lord, God the Almighty.  They sought the assistance of  Dr. Benjamin (Resident Medical Officer,  Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital), Rev. Thiraviam Jesudosan (Presbyter, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Palayankottai) and Rev. MG Samuel (Presbyter, Military Lines Church).  Immediately Rev. MG Samuel appointed Mr. Sunderraj as Catechist and Sunday Services were started in the Maharajanagar Housing Board Guest House.  Later when Brigadier Thiyagaraj offered a portion of his Bungalow, adjacent to Maharajanagar Housing Board Quarters, the worshiping venue was shifted and regular Sunday services were held to the Glory of the Almighty.
In the meantime the  Palayankottai Municipality acquired land and developed it into a housing colony and allotted a piece of land for the Christian Church near the land allotted to a Hindu Temple.  Members took a long struggle and succeeded in getting the present location as re allotted by Palayankottai Minicipality.  The elders evinced keen interest and constructed a thatched shed and made it as our own humble Maharajanagar Church.  From 05-06-1977 onwards regular Church Services were conducted by  Rev. MG Samuel,  Rev. J. Stephen,  Rev. GP Joel,  Rev. DVJ Kirubaimani and Catechist Mr. Sunderraj.  The Maharajanagar Church was attached to Military Line Pastorate as a branch Church.  Later when Shanthinagar was upgraded as a Pastorate, Maharajanagar  branch church was attached to the newly formed Shanthinagar Pastorate.  The location where a thatched shed was erected, was found to be a more suitable place for a permanent structure for the Church, hence another thatched structure was constructed to west of it, where the present Parish Hall exists.  Regular Services were conducted by  Rev. GP Joel,  Rev. DVJ Kirubaimani,  Rev. MG Samuel and Rev. J. Stephen.
On 17-07-1977, Rt.Rev. S. Daniel Abraham, BD STM, Bishop in Tirunelveli conducted the Sunday Service and gave the sermon and few valuable suggestions for the development of the thatched shed Church, Maharajanagar.  Immediately on hearing the valuable suggestions of  the Bishop, the Church Development  meeting was convened on 20-7-1977 and passed a resolution to construct a permanent structure for the church.  A committee to raise funds for the construction of a permanent structure for the church was formed and Mr. ES Jesudasan, Mr. M. Iphrim, Mr. M. Paulraj Joseph, Mr. YA Albert, Prof. Johnson Solomon were nominated for the purpose.  Later when Mr. YA Albert left Mr. James Arulraj were inducted in to the fund raising committee.  In 1980 Mr. V. Chelladurai was appointed as Church Catechist instead of Mr. S. Sunderraj.  The foundation for the permanent structure for the Maharajanagar Church was laid on 08-01-1983 by Rt.Rev. S. Daniel Abraham, BD STM, Bishop in Tirunelveli.  And it was dedicated on 08-02-1986 by the Rt.Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj, Bishop in Tirunelveli, and named it as Holy Trinity Church.
The foundation stone for the Bell tower was laid on08-02-1987 and dedicated on 19-02-1989 by the Rt. Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj. A room for the Church Choir was constructed in memory of Late Mrs. Mary Ammal and the funds donated by Mr. Samuel.  Parish Hall and Parsonage was dedicated  on 07-02-1993 by the Rt. Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj.  The wall behind the Alter was decorated  with Teak wood wall paneling by the funds raised by Women’s fellowship and false ceiling was donated by Bus owners Association and LCF.

About the Pastorate

Pudupettai congregation was established in 1869. Mrs. Mariammal, a teacher has taken the lead in raising the congregation. The Christ Church at Pudupettai was dedicated by Rt. Rev. A G Jebaraj on 6.9.1970. Pudupettai is operating as a pastorate from 1.4.2001.

The congregations under this pastorate are:

  • Pudupettai

About the Pastorate

The Puliangudi Pastorate, situated at the foot of the western great mountain came into being in 1969. It had functioned under Bangalow Surandai till 1943 and thereafter under Tenkasi Pastorate. St. Methew’s Church was started by the great Missionary Rev. Baren Brube in 1877. This small church was rebuilt as a big Church in 1954 thanks to the services of Rev. K. S. Abraham. Rev M.G.R. Sugumar built two storey building for the T.D.T.A. School. A new Parsonage was built and dedicated by the Bishop Rt. Rev. S. Jeyapaul David B.A., B.D. on 4.12.1999.

This Pastorate consists of the following congregations:

  • St. Mathew’s Church, Puliaugudi
  • HChrist Church, Kadayanallur
  • St. Bartholomew’s Church, Chinthamani
  • Christ Church, Christnagar
  • Transfiguration Church, Veerasigamani
  • Christ Church, Senthamaram
  • St. Peter’s Church, Chokkampatti
  • Chelimbuthoppu

The plans of the Pastorate include:

  • extension of the Puliangudi Church and building a Tower
  • building new churches on the northern and southern part of Puliangudi
  • construction of a three storey tower for Christnagar Church
  • construction of a building at the cost of 3,50,000/- for the Arunachalapuram – T.D.T.A. Middle School ( work is on now)
  • extension of the Kadayanallur Church at the cost of 5,00,000/-
  • installation of a bore well in the Chokkampatti Church Compound
  • formation of a new congregation for the tribal people living at the western hills of Chokkampatti
  • constuction of new buildings for Puliangudi and Kadayanallur Primary Schools

Important Festivals in the Pastorate

CongregationDedication DayAsanam
Puliaugudi20 DecemberWednesday in Holy Week
Kadayanallur11 June
Chinthamani 25 August
Christnagar3 June3 June
Veerasigamani3 April
Sernthamaram23 December
Chokkanpatti27 January
Chelimbuthoppu5 August

About the Pastorate

Madathupatti Church was dedicated in 1940. It was under the jurisdiction of Nanjankulam till 1988 and was carved out of as a separate Pastorate in 1989.

The Pastorate has 8 congregations:

  •     Madathupatti
  •     Seevalaperi
  •     Alangaraperi
  •     Andipatty
  •     Duraiyoor
  •     Kodiyankulam
  •     Maruthanvalvu
  •     K. Kailasapuram

Important Festivals in the Pastorate

CongregationHarvest FestivalAsanam
K. Kailasapuram41697
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