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St.Paul's Church, Adaikkalapattinam

St.Paul’s Church, Adaikkalapattinam


Adaikalapattanam Pastorate was bifurcated from Koviloothu Pastorate on 01.04.2013.

Rev. AB John Kennedy was the first Pastorate Chairman of this newly formed Pastorate.

At present Rev DJ Jebaraj is serving as Pastorate Chairman. 7806921842  

There are 4  Branch Churches in this Pastorate :

1. Mela Pattamudaiyarpuram

2. Suvishepuram


4. Vattaloor

History of  St. Paul’s Church, Adaikalapattanam.

The first Church was built at Vedamputhur and a congregation of 5 member,  Yesudian,  Asirvatham, yoseph,      Packianathan &  Samuel were worshipping in a Palmnthatched shed.  In 1922, when Rev. YD Devadason working as a Presbyter the congregation planned to build a church at Adaikalapattanam and colleced bricks, sand and stones.  But in 1925 when Mr. Asirvatham took charge as Catechist he initiated the work with the help of Mr. V. Samuel, Mr. Asirvatham Chelliah, Mr. V. Daniel, Mr. N. Samuel, Mr. S. David, Mr. S. Jesudian Thangiah.  On  17th September, 1925 the church was dedicated by the Rev. John Samuel, Circle Chairman of Nallur in the presence of Rev. Robert Peter, Pulavanoor.The size of the Church was 28 x 17.5 sq feet.  The front portico was 10 X 17.5sq ft. The  foundation was laid with stone and  limestone. The  walls were brick and  limestone plastered with  limestone and sand. The roof was tiled with surratti. The Church was later extended and dedicated on 17th September, 1932  by the Rt.Rev. Fredrick James Western and named St. Paul’s Church. The congregation from Suviseshapuram Asirvathapuram & Vedamputhur worshipped at Adaikalapattanam St. Paul’s Church.

In 1956 there was a move to extend the Church, but it was done after 38 years and the foundation stone was laid by the Rt.Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj on 9.11.1997. With the budget for  11 lakhs the construction work started with just  Rs. 30,000/- With the serious efforts of Rev. MK Daniel Raj, Presbyter and Mr. S. Jesudason, Catechist the congregation constructed the  85 x 37 sq feet building. The work was completed with 17,50.000/-.

When the roof concrete was spread, the whole concrete stuff crumbled and fell on the floor. By the grace of God all the workmen on the spot were safe.  Those who opposed the work to jubilant and exchanged sweet among them. But in  the midst of such difficulty the Servants of the Lord and the congregation continued to work with faith and prayer and the work was completed,  the size of the Alter – 17 x 13 sq. feet, and the front Portico 20 x 37.   On 15.01.2001 the  Rt. Rev. Dr. S. Jeyapaul David  dedicated the church.

Then the beautiful tower was constructed when Rev. CET Sureshkumar served as Pastorate Chairman and Mr. S. Jesudason was Catechist.  The tower was dedicated on 27.12.2004 by the President of NCCI and  Bishop in Tirunelveli, the  Rt.Rev. Dr. S. Jeyapaul David.

Very near  the Church building there were four houses owned by 1. Mr. Daniel Thomas, S/o Mr. Jeba Gnanam 2. Mr. Daniel Rajamani, S/o Mr. Israel 3. Mrs. Grace Ponniah 4. Mr. Needhi Dawson Thangasamy, S/o Mr. Joseph. By their generosity they sold out the houses  to the Church.

On 25.04.2002, TDTA Middle School Building was  dedicated by the Rev. D. Arumainayagam Pitchaimani, Manager, TDTA Primary & Middle Schools.

The TDTA Middle School building situated on the eastern side of church campus was repaired and rededicated on 27.12.2008 by Rt.Rev. Dr. S. Jeyapaul David in the presence of  Rev. A. Peter Devadoss BA BD, Manager, TDTA Primary & Middle Schools & Mr. Selvakodi MA BEd. Rev. R. Daniel Paul Durai MA BD DD, Correspondent, Mr. S. Jesudason, MA BEd, Headmaster, Mr. D. Jesuvadian Jeyaraj, Pastorate Treasurer and Mr. Devasahayam, Pastorate Secretary.

With the serious effort of Rev. AB John Kennedy the Parsonage was reconstructed and refurbished with the help of  donors from of Melapattamudaiyarpuram congregation and congregation in Koviloothu Pastorate. In 09.02.2013 the Parsonage was  dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Dr. JJ Christdoss MA BD MTh DD. The  Rev. AB Kennedy served as Pastorate chairman, Mr. D. Samuel Raj , Secretary, Mr. D. Jesuvadian Jeyaraj, Treasurer.

At present the Rev. DJ Jebaraj is serving as Pastorate Chairman.

About the Pastorate

Puthu Surandai Pastorate came into existence on 1.4.97. Till then it was part of Bangalow Surandai Pastorate. It has 3 Schools:
T.D.T.A. Middle School, Puthu Surandai
T.D.T.A. Rajam Primary School, Surandai
T.D.T.A Primary School, Kadayalurutti

This new pastorate is developing by leaps and bounds in all aspects of Church growth. Glory to the God.
There are 6 congregations in the Pastorate:

  •     Puthu Surandai
  •     Aladipattai
  •     E. Meenatchipuram
  •     Kadayalurutti
  •     Anaikulam
  •     Kulayaneri

Important Festivals in the Pastorate

CongregationDedication Day
Puthu Surandai25 March
E. Meenatchipuram14 April
Aladipattai3 July
Kadayalurutti 21 July

Special Event:
Pastorate Thanksgiving Festival is regularly conducted in July in a grand manner

About the Pastorate

The congregation at North Vagaikulam was raised in 1881 with the baptism of 20 believers. St. Andrew’s Church at North Vagaikulam was dedicated in 1890 by Rt. Rev. Samuel Morley, Bishop of Tirunelveli and Madurai. Mr. O Abraham, the first Catechist and Mrs. Koilpillai Ammal contributed a lot towards the early growth of the congregation. Mr. O Abraham was gifted and had performed many miracles in his time. His life is a witness even today and many people who are sick pray and whitewash his tombstone to get cured. His work is remembered so much at North Vagaikulam that in every Christian family they have named a child Abraham.

St. Andrew’s Church was extended in 1967. A 100 feet tower was built in 1981 to commemorate the Centenary of the congregation, which was dedicated by Rt. Rev. Daniel Abraham, Bishop in Tirunelveli. In 1987 the Church was rebuilt and dedicated by Rt. Rev. Jason Dharmaraj. Monthly Gospel work is being done regularly at North Vagaikulam since 1945.

An Elementary School was set up at North Vagaikulam in 1892, which was upgraded as a Middle School, thanks to efforts of the congregation in donating their land. In 1998, the congregation constructed a Marriage Hall. North Vagaikulam is functioning as a separate Pastorate since 1 April 2001.
The congregations under this pastorate are:

  •     St. Andrew’s Church, North Vagaikulam
  •     Chettikurichi



Nanjankulam Kaspa church named St. John’s Church was built by Rev. Newman in February 1848 and it was rebuilt and dedicated by Rev. Sargent in 1859. A fine tower was built and dedicated in 1923. Rev. J.D. Devaram was the first pastorate chairman. The church was rebuilt with stones and dedicated by the Moderator Rt. Rev. A.M. Holis in the presence of Rt. Rev. G.T. Selwyn MA. on 16th January 1950. The pastorate has five Primary Schools and a Middle School.
The future plan of the Pastorate in to start an Orphanage for School Children and to celebrate the harvest festivals at the pastorate level. This pastorate consists of seven congregation:

  •     St. John’s Church, Nanjankulam Kaspa
  •     St. John’s Church, Nanjankulam West
  •     St. Peter’s Church, Thengalam
  •     St. Mary’s Church, Vengalapottal
  •     St. Gabriel’s Church, Mavadi
  •     St. Gabriel’s Church, Kattapuli
  •     Ulaga Thiruthondar Church, Karambai

St. Mary’s Church in Vengalapottal is an ancient church built in 1928,  thatched church built in Catechist Mr. Vedakkan’ period. Catechist Mr. Sam Punniaraj took a initiative to build a tower  In 1995.  On 8.9.2014 the Rt.Rev. Dr. JJ Christdoss laid the foundation for a new church.  There are 140 enthusiastic Christian families worshiping here.


The villagers in Karambai had been enslaved and exploited by Brahmins in Madavakuruchi.  The foreign missionary who used to visit the village took care of the villagers and evangelized them in 1903. A pool is situated in the north of the village. From where the land lord Karunkattu Iyyer took soil (Karambai) to his paddy field for cultivation.  So, the village was used to call Karambai.  A TDTA school was also established  in 1903 and it was started under the shadow of a tree. Then Suviseshamuthu, who remained a faithful to Christ donated a piece of land.  A thatched church was built and dedicated by the Rt.Rev. Selwyn, which also was used as class room.  The church which was under Palayankottai Pastorate, then  came under Nanjankulam Pastorate, when a concrete church was replaced and dedicated by the Rt.Rev. Garret on 21st August 1964, named  as World Evangelists’ church.  Later a hall was built above the church, on the first floor and a bell was fixed. Recently the old church was renovated and dedicated on 08.05.2010 by the Rt.Rev.Dr. JJ Christdoss.


The Christians in Kamaraj Nagar had to walk a long distance to Thenkalam for worshipping.  Therefore 20 cents  of land (One cent Rs. 1400) was purchased  and a thatched shed was erected and  on Palm Sunday 13.04.2003, the first Holy Communion service was celebrated by Rev.A. Samuel. Mr. Jeyakumar, Catechist encouraged the people in spiritual life, daily even song was held.   When one day the shed was completely damaged by strong wind, the congregation came together collected money and laid foundation for the new church on 01.04.2004. Then in Rev. PD Muthuraj’s period, he took initiative to build a church and it  was dedicated on 22.12.2005 by the Rt.Rev.Dr. S. Jeyapaul David, named as Good Shepherd Church.  Later a bell tower was built by Rev. PD Muthuraj and dedicated. The front stage was built and dedicated by Rev. John Samuel.  Then Dn. Immanuel Devadason took initiative to build compound wall and laid the foundation.  But unfortunately Dn. Immanuel Devadason was passed away having heart attack. Then Dn. Charles took initiative to finish the compound  wall and dedicated. There are 40 families worshiping today.


The three Christian families who moved over to kootapuli from kuppanapuram were the early Christians of this small village.  A thatched shed was their original church.  Then a better building was erected and they were served by ministers from Nanjankulam. Rev. K. Thanasingh laid the foundation stone and on 02.09.2002 a concrete church was rededicated by the Rt.Rev. Dr. S. Jeyapaul David.  Today there are more than 40 families worshiping.


In 1932, there were 5 families worshiping in a clay and thatched building in Mavadi.  Then it was replaced by a building built with stone and tiled.  Today there are more than 30 families worshipping in a concrete church dedicated on 19.10.2010 by the Rt.Rev.Dr. JJ Christdoss.


The church was attached to Nanjankulam Kaspa before 1925 was separated and a clay and tile building was built and dedicated as Holy Trinity Church in 1925.  There were 5 or 6 families worshiping. On 12.11.197 a new church built east west was dedicated by Rt.Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj.  The church tower was dedicated on 23.12.2002 and now there are 40 worshiping families.


Even as early as 28.03.1908 St. Stephen’s Church was dedicated by the Bishop Williams.  It was a 54 x 24 feet small tiled church.  Later they felt the need for an extended church and with the willing and enthusiastic support of the congregation a bigger church with 2010 square feet was built and dedicated as st. Peter’s Church.


About the Pastorate

The Pastorate has plans to construct a Church at North Nedungulam and to complete the construction work of two other Churches at Nethajinagar and Ilanthoppu. Also on cards is a plan to build a Mission Hospital near the Church at Nanguneri.
There are nineteen congregations in the this Pastorate:

  •     Nanguneri
  •     Perumbathu
  •     Nethajinagar
  •     Kalungadi
  •     Soorankudi
  •     Thuvaraikulam
  •     Keela Kallikulam
  •     Meenavankulam
  •     North Kallikulam
  •     North Nedungulam
  •     South Nedungulam
  •     Ilanthoppu
  •     Pillaikulam
  •     Thattankulam
  •     Puthaneri
  •     Ilayarkulam
  •     Iraipuvari
  •     Kusavankulam
  •     Unnankulam

Important Festivals in the Pastorate

CongregationDedication DayHarvest Festival
Nanguneri41992July - August
Kalungudi 41899
Keela Kallikulam41898

Nalur Pastorate

In 1823 Rev. CTE Rhenius came  and propagated the Gospel in and around Nallur. Some people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. But those who accepted were persecuted by hindus.  In 1831 Rev. CTE Rhenius purchased 30 acres of land and made a Christian colony over there and named that Colony as Nallur. Mr. Krishnapillai used to come daily morning to Christians home using his horse saying renounce the Christian religion. If they don’t listen to his words and obey they were beaten by him. Once seven of them were severely beaten and taken in front of the ‘Thasildhar’ to punish them. Thasildhar enquired them and took their dresses, made them naked and told them to deny Jesus and Christianity.  But they stood firm in their faith. They could not do anything to backslide them from Christianity. But after a long persecution Mr. Krishnapillai told that your religion is true way and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

 In 1833 there was a  drought came and there was even no water for drinking. So, Rev. CTE Rhenius dug a well for them and provided water. So many people were came forward to become Christians through his kindness & love.  In 1835, a palm thatched shed was built to worship, there were 20 families worshiping Christ. Then Rev. John Thomas was sent to West Tirunelveli area to serve.

In that time a beggar came to John Thomas and said “If you provide Rs. 5/- every month, we all will become Christians”. This shows the poverty of the people, & pathetic condition of their physical and spiritual condition.   Then he made Nallur as a centre to serve the surrounding area.  Before that time Kuruvankottai was the centre for their ministry. Nallur consists of 50 villages, it was very difficult to manage their ministry.  In 1844 Bunglow Surandai was bifurcated from Nallur and became independent. In 1867 Bunglow Surandai again came under Nallur and Rev.Honnis served from Nallur.  In 1953 Ambasamudram, Tenkasi, Pulavanur became independent circles. In 1967 Seevalasamudram became independent circle. In 1967 Keela Karumbuliyuthu church emerged. In 1976, the circle units were broken in to Pastorate units. In 1994 Alankulam was bifurcated from Nallur and became independent Pastorate.


   No                              Clergy Name                                     .                               Year           .
1 Rev. CTE Rhenius 1820 – 1835
2 Rev. John Thomas 1835  –  1840
3 Rev. Paul Schaffter 1840  –  1841
4 Rev. Stephen Shurbs 1842  –  1843
5 Rev. William Clark 1844  –  1854
6 Rev. H. Dickson 1855  –  1856
7 Rev. HE Jennings 1858  –  1869
8 Rev. D. Gnanamuthu 1857  –  1859
9 Rev. Rajam Samuel 1860  –  1876
10 Rev. V. Dharmakkan 1876  –  1877
11 Rev. Samuel 1878  –  1884 
12 Rev. V. Simeon 1884  –  1897
13 Rev. James Asirvatham 1897  –  1897
14 Rev. DS David 1898  –  1912
15 Rev. JM Albert 1912  –  1916
16 Rev. SM Devadoss 1917  –  1921
17 Rev. Rao Sahib H. Asirvatham 1923  –  1924
18 Rev. John Samuel 1924  –  1932
19 Rev. SD Bala Sundaram 1932  –  1938
20 Rev. J Samuel 1938  –  1946
21 Rev. SJ Joshua 1946  –  1948
22 Rev. Robert Butter 1948  –  1950
23 Rev. JA Jesudason 1950  –  1954
24 Rev. Y. Devadason 1954  –  1957
25 Rev. Solomon Simeon 1957  –  1962
26 Rev. SD Daniel 1962  –  1965
27 Rev. S. Savaridoss 1965  –  1972
28 Rev. George Satyanathan 1972  –  1982
29 Rev. PN Koilpitchai 1979  –  1982
30 Rev. DG Kirubaimani 1982  –  1985
31 Rev. D. Samuel 1985  –  1986
32 Rev. J. Ratnam 1986  –  1988
33 Rev. Mouli P Jebamani 1988  –  1990
34 Rev. V. Gandhi Selwyn 1990  –  1993
35 Rev. P. Devadawson 1993  –  1995
36 Rev. G. Simpson Sigamani 1995  –  1996
37 Rev. D. John David 1996  –  2001
38 Rev. P. Paul Vedamani 2001  –  2003
39 Rev. G. Vedanayagam 2003  –  2008
40 Rev. PV Newton Veerasingh 2008  –  2013
41 Rev. AB John Kennedy 2013  – 


  • Divine Grace Church, Mukudal



    Mukkudal pastorate was bifurcated from Seevalasamudram Pastorate  in 1975 with nine branch churches namely:

    • Divine Grace Church, Mukkudal
    • Holy Emmanuel Church, East Pappakudi
    • St. Luke’s Church, Saddaiappapuram
    • St. Paul’s Church, Alvanthulukapatti
    • St. John’s Church, Thalarkulam
    • St. Stephen’s Church, Hariram Nagar
    • St. Paul’s Church, O. Thulukapatti
    • With East Pappakudi  as HQ  further Pastorate bifurcated from Mukudal

     At present the following 4 churches are in Mukudal Pastorate.

    1. Divine Grace Church, Mukudal
    2. St. Luke’s Church, Sadaiyappapuram
    3. St. Stephen’s Church, Hariram Nagar
    4. St. Paul’s Church, O. Thulukarpatti.

    History of Divine Grace Church, Mukudal.

    In 1835 Rev. CT Rhenius visited Mukudal and preached the Gospel and Mrs. Thayammal was one of the believer who obeyed to the truth and accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour. She was the first convert in Mukudal. Her son Chelliah Nadar and his son Ponniah Nadar and his cousins Aanda Perumal @ Aanimuthu Nadar, Daniel, Iyadurai, Poovaiya (later became Thasildhar) constructed a small Church  with clay & Palm thatched roof and worshipped the living God. Aanda Perumal does the Catechist work. And TDTA Primary school was started.  Children were learning under Vepa tree, writing tamil alphapets on the sand and learned the lessons.  On 1874 the congregation increased to 70 families and as they were growing constructed a tiled roof church.  For the present Church, the foundation stone was laid by Rt. Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj MA BD Dip.Th on 21/06/1989  & dedicated it on 23/12/1990, when Rev. T. Jesumanickam Amirtharaj was serving as  the Pastorate Chairman. 

    The following is the details of Clergy who served in Mukudal Pastorate. 

    Name of the ClergyYears
    Clergy -11990-1992
    Clergy -11990-1992
    Clergy -11990-1992
    Clergy -11990-1992
    Clergy -11990-1992
    Clergy -11990-1992
    Clergy -11990-1992
    Clergy -11990-1992
    Clergy -11990-1992

    Rev. G. Jebamani Samuel  L.Th                            1975  –  1976

    Rev. P. Paul Vedamani MA BD                              1976  –  1983

    Rev. D. Arumainayagam Pitchamani BA BD   1983  –  1987

    Rev. D. Jesumanickam Amirtharaj BD              1987  –  1992

    Rev. G. Paul Ratnasamy BD                                   1992  –  1997

    Rev. P. Chellappa Jebaraj                                       1997  –  2002

    Rev. TD Samuel MA BD                                            2002  –  2007

    Rev. Dr. Sarkunam MA BD MTh DD                    2007  –  2013

    Rev. K. Gnanadurai MA BEd BD MTh                 2013  – 

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