Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

Ambasamudram is one of the ancient pastorates in West Tirunelveli. It is located at the foot of the western ghats and nearer to Papanasam, a Hindu Pilgrim center. Though it is very near to the famous Hindu pilgrim center it has many Christians leading spiritual life. The early church members of Ambasamudram were floating professional employees. Since 1878 ordained ministers served in Ambasamudram. Rev Arulpragasam was the first among them. History narrates that Rev. William, a missionary who rendered service in Nallur, bought 10 cents of land in Ambasamudram for church construction in 1865.Right from the beginning education was given importance in this area. This is proved by the construction of the T.D.T.A. Primary school in 1864 and the S.T.C. Middle School in 1875. Miss. Persion, a foreign lady missionary, served in S.T.C for a short period. Ambasamudram was a Circle for a long period.
The pastorate committee has plans to re-build the church at an estimate of Rupees ten lakh. At present there are ten congregations in Ambasamudram pastorate:
St. Peter’s Church, Ambasamudram (1870)
Christ Church, Kallidaikuruchi (1910)
Christ Church, Bramadesam
Good Shepherd Church, Teacher’s Colony (1985)
St. John’s Church, South Pappankulam
St. John’s Church, North Papankulam
Christ Church, Manimuthar (1987)
St. Stephen’s Church, Sadaiyandiyur (1940)
Immanuel Church, A.P. Nadanoor (1996)
St. Paul’s Church, Adaichani (1998)
Important Festivals in the Pastorate
Congregation Dedication Day and Asanam
Ambasamudram 29 June
Kallidaikuruchi After Easter
Bramadesam 2 May
Teacher’s Colony 8 December
South Pappankulam 27 December
North Papankulam 27 December
Manimuthar 28 February
Sadaiyandiyur 26 December
A.P. Nadanoor 14 November
Adaichani 30 December
Harvest Festival on 1st Sunday in August
IMS Sale on Second Sunday in OctoberAmbasamudram
N.V.T.G.S on 2nd Sunday in February
Men’s Get together on 1st Sunday in November

Family Fellowship on 26th January
Children’s Camp on 14th November

Mother’s Festival on 1st Sunday in May

Youth Camp on 15th August

The week beginning 3rd Sunday in September is observed as the Week of Witness in the Pastorate

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