Church of South India
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About the Pastorate

In 1829 the Christian community was established here by Rev. Rhenius. There are three churches in this Town. From 1994 Alangulam is a separate pastorate. There is a plan to establish a new church at Parambu. There are 7 village congregations under this pastorate:

  • St. Peter’s Church, Alangulam
  • Christ Church, Ratchaniapuram
  • Good Shepherd Church, Annanagar
  • St. Thomas Church, Karumbanur
  • Christ Church, Kalloothu
  • Holy Trinity Church, Thuthikulam
  • Christ Church, Kalathimadam
Important Festivals in the Pastorate
Congregation Dedication Day
Alangulam 18 July
Ratchaniapuram 13 October
Karumbanur 18 May
Annanagar 25 March
Thuthikulam 18 April
 Pastorate level Harvest Festival is celebrated in July every year.
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