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St.Paul's Church, Adaikkalapattinam

St.Paul’s Church, Adaikkalapattinam


Adaikalapattanam Pastorate was bifurcated from Koviloothu Pastorate on 01.04.2013.

Rev. AB John Kennedy was the first Pastorate Chairman of this newly formed Pastorate.

At present Rev DJ Jebaraj is serving as Pastorate Chairman. 7806921842  

There are 4  Branch Churches in this Pastorate :

1. Mela Pattamudaiyarpuram

2. Suvishepuram


4. Vattaloor

History of  St. Paul’s Church, Adaikalapattanam.

The first Church was built at Vedamputhur and a congregation of 5 member,  Yesudian,  Asirvatham, yoseph,      Packianathan &  Samuel were worshipping in a Palmnthatched shed.  In 1922, when Rev. YD Devadason working as a Presbyter the congregation planned to build a church at Adaikalapattanam and colleced bricks, sand and stones.  But in 1925 when Mr. Asirvatham took charge as Catechist he initiated the work with the help of Mr. V. Samuel, Mr. Asirvatham Chelliah, Mr. V. Daniel, Mr. N. Samuel, Mr. S. David, Mr. S. Jesudian Thangiah.  On  17th September, 1925 the church was dedicated by the Rev. John Samuel, Circle Chairman of Nallur in the presence of Rev. Robert Peter, Pulavanoor.The size of the Church was 28 x 17.5 sq feet.  The front portico was 10 X 17.5sq ft. The  foundation was laid with stone and  limestone. The  walls were brick and  limestone plastered with  limestone and sand. The roof was tiled with surratti. The Church was later extended and dedicated on 17th September, 1932  by the Rt.Rev. Fredrick James Western and named St. Paul’s Church. The congregation from Suviseshapuram Asirvathapuram & Vedamputhur worshipped at Adaikalapattanam St. Paul’s Church.

In 1956 there was a move to extend the Church, but it was done after 38 years and the foundation stone was laid by the Rt.Rev. Jason S. Dharmaraj on 9.11.1997. With the budget for  11 lakhs the construction work started with just  Rs. 30,000/- With the serious efforts of Rev. MK Daniel Raj, Presbyter and Mr. S. Jesudason, Catechist the congregation constructed the  85 x 37 sq feet building. The work was completed with 17,50.000/-.

When the roof concrete was spread, the whole concrete stuff crumbled and fell on the floor. By the grace of God all the workmen on the spot were safe.  Those who opposed the work to jubilant and exchanged sweet among them. But in  the midst of such difficulty the Servants of the Lord and the congregation continued to work with faith and prayer and the work was completed,  the size of the Alter – 17 x 13 sq. feet, and the front Portico 20 x 37.   On 15.01.2001 the  Rt. Rev. Dr. S. Jeyapaul David  dedicated the church.

Then the beautiful tower was constructed when Rev. CET Sureshkumar served as Pastorate Chairman and Mr. S. Jesudason was Catechist.  The tower was dedicated on 27.12.2004 by the President of NCCI and  Bishop in Tirunelveli, the  Rt.Rev. Dr. S. Jeyapaul David.

Very near  the Church building there were four houses owned by 1. Mr. Daniel Thomas, S/o Mr. Jeba Gnanam 2. Mr. Daniel Rajamani, S/o Mr. Israel 3. Mrs. Grace Ponniah 4. Mr. Needhi Dawson Thangasamy, S/o Mr. Joseph. By their generosity they sold out the houses  to the Church.

On 25.04.2002, TDTA Middle School Building was  dedicated by the Rev. D. Arumainayagam Pitchaimani, Manager, TDTA Primary & Middle Schools.

The TDTA Middle School building situated on the eastern side of church campus was repaired and rededicated on 27.12.2008 by Rt.Rev. Dr. S. Jeyapaul David in the presence of  Rev. A. Peter Devadoss BA BD, Manager, TDTA Primary & Middle Schools & Mr. Selvakodi MA BEd. Rev. R. Daniel Paul Durai MA BD DD, Correspondent, Mr. S. Jesudason, MA BEd, Headmaster, Mr. D. Jesuvadian Jeyaraj, Pastorate Treasurer and Mr. Devasahayam, Pastorate Secretary.

With the serious effort of Rev. AB John Kennedy the Parsonage was reconstructed and refurbished with the help of  donors from of Melapattamudaiyarpuram congregation and congregation in Koviloothu Pastorate. In 09.02.2013 the Parsonage was  dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Dr. JJ Christdoss MA BD MTh DD. The  Rev. AB Kennedy served as Pastorate chairman, Mr. D. Samuel Raj , Secretary, Mr. D. Jesuvadian Jeyaraj, Treasurer.

At present the Rev. DJ Jebaraj is serving as Pastorate Chairman.

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