Church of South India
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St. Peter's Church, Vickramasingapuram

St. Peter’s Church, Vickramasingapuram

Vickramasingapuram Pastorate

Initially in 1885 the Vickramasingapuram congregation was functioning as part of the Nallur circle. In 1954 it came under Ambasmudram circle. Born in 1976 as a Pastorate with 12 congregations, the Vickramasingapuram Pastorate was further bifurcated into Mela Sivanthipuram & then Karuthapillaiyur also bifurcated. The Vickramasingapuram Pastorate has three Primary Schools and a home for Children which provides care and education for the village Children.

The congregations in the Pastorate are:

  • St. Peter’s Church, Vickramasingapuram (30.7.1950)
  • St. Thomas Church, Karuthapillaiyur (19.5.1896)
  • Holy Trinity Church, Kalyanipuram (10.5.1922)
  • St.Peter’s Church, Kondapeyanpetti (17.12.1978)
  • Christ Church, Alwarkurichi (6.6.1974)
  • Christ Church, Lower Dam (9.3.1976)
  • Transfiguration Church, Servalar (10.3.1983)
  • Living Water Prayer Hall, Karayar


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