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Arumagampatti village is situated in the Sivanthipuram Panjayath under the Ambasamuthram Thaluk.   30 Christian families were residing in this area 65 years ago.  These people had to travel 2 and-a-half km to attend church worship at Holy Calvary church in Melasivanthipuram Pasorate.   In those days, since villages were not electrified, they had travel under the guidance of Hurricane Lamps during night hours for festival worship.   Few elders in this village, referred mainly, M/s R.S. Yesuvadian, R.S. Abraham, Seenivasagam and Duraipandi were burdened to pray earnestly desired for construction of a church here.   At this juncture the sons of Late Mr. Swamidhas were inspired to contribute eight cents of land for this purpose.  Then the locality was christened as Swaminthasapuram and Holy Abisheganathar church started growing there with initial contribution of Rs.65 per family of those 30 members.   With further contributions the walls were erected with calcium stones  and the roof was constructed with tiles on Palmarah timbers, which was contributed by Mr. Seenivasagam.

While the church was under construction a small shed with Plamarah leaves was constructed and was dedicated as ‘Swamidasapuram Holy Abishegarathar Church’ by Bishop Stephen Neil in the year 1949.  From that day worship started in this shed with just a plate bell to chime the service time.  In 1956, Mr. Chellasamy Writer took steps to get electrical connection for the church.   He got the entire related charges for electrification from Mr. Mahadevan Iyer of Ambasamuthram.  From 1956 the worship was carried out under electoral power.  In 1973 the congregation members contributed brass vessels which was the source metal for the making of the church Brass Bell.  A tower was built with Teak wood and since then the bell started chiming for the call to worship.

The main church construction started with foundation stone being laid on 29.05.1987 and started progressing under the leadership of M/s R. Anthony, S. Jebamani, Yesuvadian and Abraham and the rest of the congregation.  The construction was supported by contribution of Rs.1000 each of the members employed in M/s Harvey Mills and the rest as per their capability.   One lady donor contributed the charges for constructing the entire RC roofing.   The  50 x 20 church completed its construction by 27.04.2988. In the same year the church was dedicated by Bishop Rt. Rev. S. Jason Dharmaraj, M.A.,B.D.,DD.  That year the worship was conducted by presbyter Rev. G. Vedanayagam, M.A.,B.D., and the Catechist Mr. S. John Samuel. At present the church is having a membership of 300 families and Rev. J. Madhuram holds the responsibility as the presbyter and A. Samuel is the Catechist.

 Main Pastorate : Sivanthipuram

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